Brand Design

Athanor is a magical and secret laboratory where alchemy meets design like moon meets sun. It’s an independent artistic lab where any kind of unthinkable artifacts can be created: from illustrations, handicrafts products to magical things. In alchemy the word Athanor indicates a magic furnace fueled by an eternal fire used for the trasmutation of matter: in reality it represents the metaphor of the transformation of the body of the man (the furnace) and his soul (the fire). From this idea rise the concept of this laboratory: a space where the creative spirit of the man is always alive and in an ever-changing, to give life to creations with a soul. And this is what the logo depicts: a monogram letter -A shaped like an oven with a stylized fire in the middle of his eye.

Athanor is a concoction of medieval, folk and esoteric elements declined with a contemporary aestetich. For this reason, its creations are realized through an experimental approach melting ancient and modern tecniques: here the past and the present meet, hug and blend together like potions and ingredients in an alchemical pot.

This is the secret of its magical formula: the Union of the Opposites,
the Coniuctio Oppositorum.

Brand Design